Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Do Not Buy Welsh Goods

As Labour dominated Wales continues its obsession with Cymraeg, English medium schools suffer, communities suffer, parents suffer, choice is removed for many and children suffer. Flying completely in the face of current trends in education.
Labour introduced WESPs, Welsh Education Strategic Plans, designed to compel councils to react to any form of request from Welsh medium education. There is no such plan for English medium schools, parents can not:

  • request new English medium schools, 
  • access a champion designed to protect their needs, 
  • have political representation fighting for their language. 

In fact, Labour is forcing councils to react to downward trends in Cymraeg language acquisition levels, by reframing their WESPs to increase language acquisition. No such support for English medium schools.

Therefore, I posit that Labour dominated Wales is oppressive, unrepresentative, losing voters, lost common support and has successfully completely divided Wales on economic grounds. Pouring funds in to supporting Cymraeg language acquisition and failing English speakers, English speaking communities and English speaking Welsh people. They are seeking to eradicate English medium education in some parts of Wales.

Since Labour is using tax payers money to rid the nation of English medium education, I shall no longer support Wales by refusing to purchase any products from Wales again. It is only what Peter Hain supported for trading with RSA.

It is time to send a message. DO NOT BUY WELSH GOODS. The Welsh government uses the tax generated to eradicate communities.

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Thursday, 19 May 2016

More fun in Cardiff

Kirtsy Williams AM Education

Went to private school - St Michaels, Llanelli
Univeristy in Manchester and studied American Studies.
Apparently she has been "Sexiest Female Liberal Democrat". Also called a concubine by Neil Hamilton.
Argued for more money to be spent on poor children in Education in Wales.

Cabinet Secretary for Education. 

Yet the Liberals supported cuts to benefits whilst paying more out on the poor, because giving more and more money to Welsh education is the 'Plieboural' democratic way to solve ALL problems

Quote of the week

Imagine the fuss this has caused. An absolute disgrace. So many people insulted and offended. He only went and called Kirsty, Leanne and Carwyn political.

Full maiden speech here on ASSEMBLY TV.

Then he links Plaid Cymru with bigotry. INSPIRED.

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Friday, 13 May 2016

So the fun begins...

34.7% of the vote and they try and form a cabinet! What about a cabinet made from other party members from the right? Progressive, thinking parties with experience of reducing taxation and increasing opportunity.

and the head line grabbing...

BRILLIANT! Go Neil. Make them pay every day and scrutinise and delay everything they do. Be positively irritating FOR Wales.

Thursday, 28 April 2016


What is a democratic deficit? Is it Trinity mirror's way of saying we should not be reading about Welsh politics from an alternative view, we should only be reading Welsh politics through the monocle of Trinity mirror groups perception of Wales? Perhaps it is the BBC, that fair and just news outlet that covers items in such a balanced and considered way.

I mean, Labour and Plaid's policies in Wales are all about cod liver oil: 'take it it's good for you', why should we question our illustriuos leaders? They are only doing their job to provide a better future for us. Unfortunately their future seems to be rooted firmly in 1820.


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Monday, 25 April 2016

Eradication of English Medium Education in Wales

Back in 2011 Carmarthenshire closed Ysgol y Gwendraeth and merged it with a Welsh medium school and so opened Maes y Gwendraeth. Many people were affected and articles were written in the local press to complain about the merger.

Now we read about another example of the policy to eradicate English medium education in Carmarthenshire. Glasnost (2016) has written a piece comparing the policy to George Orwell's 1984 and the overly burdensome state interfering in all that we do. Parents are once again complaining about the intolerant policy of coercion.

Why would Carmarthenshire want to close one school and open a Welsh medium school only? It is simply down to Labour's policy to increase the number of people that speak and use Cymraeg. There is absolutely NO mandate for this policy. How many people actually vote for Labour? 16% of the population according to one commenter. In the last election, only 41.8% of people actually turned out to vote for anyone. Yet Labour pursues its' devastatingly damaging policies with nowhere near a majority.

In this election, the collusion between Plaid and Labour is evident here
The parties are so concerned that an alternative view exists to their coercive oppressive hegemony they collude to extinguish the hope of dissenting voters.

I watch with eager anticipation at the result of the election and I hope for a new voice to be heard across Wales. Labour's complacency has for far too long been left unchecked. It is time for those with an alternative opinion to be heard. But not just heard, to be treated fairly and to be given back the freedom to choose a language to learn, if bilingualism is the panacea for all ills Labour would have us believe it is. Children and families need to be able to choose the path that is best for them. If a child is great at languages then let them explore this field in a class with like-minded individuals. However, if they are great at art or coding let them freely explore that area unhindered. After all, with the prevalence of MOOCs and online courses and training, parents and children will opt out of formal coerced education in favour of a tailored suite of instruction sensitive to the needs of the individual. Time is up for Labour's hollow folly.

End Cymraeg coercion.

Updating this story: (May 2016)

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There is also a very interesting blog on this issue:

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Update May 24th

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Sunday, 24 April 2016

Coding in Welsh Schools

Will Wales enter the 21st Century 16, 17, 18, 19 years later than most? Welsh Labour has finally included a reference to a new curriculum that incorporates 21st C skills, but, has not set a date for its inclusion or its effectiveness unlike its target for Cymraeg.

Labours says it will:
  • Develop a new Curriculum for Wales
  • Develop a new system of accredited Initial Teacher Education and Training
  • Work towards establishing teaching as an all-Masters profession
  • Support the rollout of digital competence in our schools and develop coding skills in our young people
Do you trust them to enact these priorities?

I know which I would prefer my children to learn, but will I have a choice? 

When will "you can take a horse to water, but you can not make him drink" dawn on Welsh Labour?


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